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Spade 0.1.0

Posted 2023-03-09 by Frans Skarman

Before this point, Spade has only had commit IDs to differentiate versions, but for various reasons discussed in https://gitlab.com/spade-lang/spade/-/merge_requests/161 having numbered releases is useful.

As with so many other aspects of this project, inspiration has been taken from Rust's release and versioning scheme. New Spade versions will be published every six weeks on a fixed schedule. Features and fixes that are on master1 are included, everything else is not. Since the compiler and language are still in an unstable development stage, all versions will be 0.x, and breaking changes will be the norm for now.

As a user, it will still be advised to always use the master branch. Releases are more intended to give something to reference, especially on https://zenodo.org, and to serve as an opportunity to summarize what has changed in the past few weeks and make some announcements.

That's all for today! In 6 weeks, when 0.2 is released, the blog post will hopefully have more interesting content, highlighting some new features.


We should probably rename it to main at some point 🤔